Thursday, May 21, 2009

How To Record Audio Coming From Your Computer!!-Audacity

This is a quick pictuer of how to change the recording setting so that you can record audio from your computer and not your mic your computer and not your mic.


  1. I never realised Audacity could record from "Stereo Mix"!
    Unfortunately, my HP w2207h monitor with built-in speakers does not enable me to do this because of a pact with copyright laws.

    Still, it is excellent knowledge.
    The miracles of open source software!

  2. Oh wow, thanks for this, you learn something new everyday :)

  3. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Hello, This is great but my drop down menu won't come down. The button is grey and inactive and I have no idea why?? Could you help?

    By the way, Thank you for this tip!


  5. Hi - My drop down menu is inactive too. I may have inadvertently made a change in preferences, but can't determine that. Any advice?

    Thanks, David

  6. Lmao this is retarded. At least freaking make a tutorial and not just a print screen. I don't even have the bar that's highlighted.

    I'm also having problems recording from my computer on 3 or 4 different programs - I only have microphone(high quality audio device) microphone- line in and line in sound drivers, so I don't know how to record from my computer.

  7. yes, not for me either , I think its .cause of a later version of Auducity

  8. i think its because of Windows 7 or Vista hiding the Stereo Mix option , go here to learn how to enable it ,
    After doing this in audacity 1.3.1 , Stereo mix showed up in 3rd drop down from left .
    From left it reads in my dropdowns MME,Microsoft Sound Mapper , Stereo Mix , this works well.